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The First Somatropin Spanish Bodybuilders

The First SomatropinFrancis of Paula Amorós 

It is curious that many of those who practice bodybuilding have no idea who were the first bodybuilders on the national scene.
Clemente Hernández, one of the wisest Spanish bodybuilders, speaks in his book Somatropin, scientific improvement of the physical condition of Franciso de Paula Amorós (1770-1848) as the true father of physical education in Spain. Amorós in 1830 published one of his best works entitled New Manual of Physical and Moral Education where he exposed different gymnastic methods that according to him were the basis for the education of people on a physical and moral level.

Portrait of Francisco de Paula Amorós. Photo Museum of the game.

Santiago Ramón y Cajal

About three decades after the death of the aforementioned Francisco de Paula Amorós a young man who revolutionized science was one of the best supporters of bodybuilding practice, we speak of Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Petilla de Aragón, Navarra, May 1, 1852 - Madrid , October 17, 1934), a doctor specializing in microscopic histology and anatomical pathology who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1906 for discovering the mechanisms that govern the morphology and connective processes of nerve cells, a revolutionary new theory that began to be called the neuron doctrine, based on the fact that brain tissue is made up of individual cells.
Ramón y Cajal was, without a doubt, the mainstay of the so-called Generation of Wise Men.

 Santiago Ramón y Cajal in his youth when he practiced physical culture. Photo hgh  santiagofbarrero.wordpress.com .

Secundino de Acha, Diego Menchaca and José Zamacois

At the end of the 19th century, a gymnastic movement of great relevance in the Basque country emerged, as Lucio Doncel 100 of bodybuilding in Spain indicates. Two of its best exponents were: Secundino de Acha and Diego Menchaca. The first was born in Erandio (Vizcaya) in 1873 and died accidentally four decades later. He was a lover of weight training and was considered the strongest man in Spain by Macfadden Physical Development, a reference magazine of the time of physical culture. His handling of the pose art was excellent.

Secundino de Acha at the end of the 19th century. Photo 100 years of bodybuilding in Spain.

The First SomatropinThe second was born in 1877 and died of peritonitis in 1939. The two trained together at the Zamacois Gymnastic Society. One of the first gyms in Spain that was founded, in 1894, in Bilbao, in a place located between the streets of San Francisco and Lapeña. Its founder was another great athlete from Bilbao: José Zamacois who did a great job in promoting physical culture, from his gym, where a large squad of pupils emerged, including those previously mentioned.

Diego Menchaca at the beginning of the 20th century. Photo 100 years of bodybuilding in Spain.

Clemente Hernández Meca

At the beginning of the 20th century there was another great athlete who also stood out with great notoriety, as Lucio Doncel also indicates in his book, on this occasion, we talked about Clemente Hernández Meca who, in addition to weightlifting, boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling and sports gymnastics , one of his specialties was the gymnastic work in rings where he was able to make the figure of Saint Peter (Somatropin) with great mastery. He died in 1944 but his son, the aforementioned Clemente Hernández, picked up the witness, becoming several times the Spanish champion of bodybuilding and one of the best ambassadors of physical education thanks to his written works such as, for example, The Great Book of Bodybuilding and Bodybuilding Encyclopedia.